Invest in the future
that is already here

Returns on cryptoassets today are many times greater than other more traditional types of assets ever were.

Cryptoeconomics, based on blockchain technology, shows constant high growth indicators. Thus, it acquires high investment potential.


The Basics Fund aims at blockchain infrastructure investment. It combines specifics of both:

Venture funds

in a thorough selection of blockchain projects by analyzing their technologies, teams, usability, and uniqueness

Hedge funds

in wide range of possibilities to manage a liquid assets portfolio

Investment focus —
solutions and platforms

Investments in:

  • Existing traded cryptoassets
  • Blockchain projects on pre-sale, pre-ICO
  • Arbitrage, event driven trading


Alexander Ivanov
Maxim Kuzin
Managing Partner


Thanks to Waves and its CEO Alexander Ivanov, the Basics team has expertise and skill that allow it to pick the most financially and technologically attractive ideas, making it one of the best blockchain teams in the world

The initial portfolio is formed by existing traded crypto assets.

Entering infrastructure and technological blockchain projects with the expectation of >10x growth within 2-3 years ahead of market dynamics provides portfolio accumulation.

How to invest with Basics


Maxim Kuzin

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Alexander Ivanov


Сomplete blockchain platform for businesses and beyond Waves (2016), raised 30K BTC during ICO

The first cryptocurrency index -

Venture fund, based on blockchain - (2015)

The first token, pegged to fiat currency - CoinoUSD (2014)

Instant Cryptocurrency Exchange - (2013)


Faculty of Physics, Moscow State University Leipzig University

Maxim Kuzin
Managing Partner


Managing partner, Spectrum Partners (2011-2013), $50M under management

Managing partner, Mars Capital Group (2005-2011), $400M assets under management

First deputy General Director, FINAM (1999-2005)


IPO, M&A, Sales to institutional and HNWI clients


Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics, Moscow State University, higher School of Economics